About Webinar

This session will provide an exposure to the attendee about the water resource management. Remote Sensing techniques have been widely used to delineate the surface water bodies, estimate metro logical variables like temperature and precipitation. The webinar is also helpful for those who are working in the field of stream management, river management and lake conservation. There will be a case study on water resource management in the Himalayas.

Aim of the Webinar

• To provide a forum to exchange views, ideas & the latest innovations in the field of Remote Sensing.
• To offer learning on basics, emerging trends & challenges in the field of water resource.
• To introduce QGIS and to provide opportunities to further widen the knowledge and to pursue research.

The topic of the webinar

1.      Remote Sensing and GIS-based monitoring & data interpretations for water resource planning and management

2.      Web-GIS based information system for mapping of water resources of the Himalayas

Speakers of the webinar
1- Dr. S S Rawat, Scientist ‘D’, National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee, UK
2- Dr. Santosh M Pingale, Scientist ‘C’, National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee, UK

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